“La Mascaronne has one of the finest terroir in the Côtes de Provence appellation”
Tom Bove – Director

Tom Bove was born and grew up in Indiana, USA. In the summer of 1993, he and his wife were on a tour of France when they heard about a vineyard in the Var that was for sale.

Seduced by the architecture, history and soul of Miraval, and by his love of wine, Tom took on the challenge of revitalising this domaine. After convincing his US family to buy Miraval, he spent years on this vast project before learning that the Domaine of La Mascaronne was coming up for sale.

Inspired by the great potential of La Mascaronne’s renowned terroir, Tom took over the Domaine in 1999 and its renaissance commenced.

In a short time, award winning wines were being produced and they are now served in some of the finest restaurants of Paris, London and the South of France.

CHATEAU LA MASCARONNE lies at the heart of the Côtes de Provence appellation, just outside the medieval village of Le Luc.

La Mascaronne’s chateau and cellar are centrally positioned within the 45 hectares of vines growing on rolling hillsides of limestone and clay covered with small stones. The domaine, at an altitude of 300m, is enclosed by a sheltering forest of oak and pine.

The excellent terroir, combined with an ideal climate and the skills of their dedicated team, are yielding wines of an exciting excellence.

LA MASCARONNE  <BR /> 2014<BR /> Quat ‘Saison Rose

 Quat ‘Saison Rose

  • REGION: Le Luc, Provence
  • VINTAGE: 2014
  • VARIETAL: Cinsault, Mouverdre


LA MASCARONNE <BR />  Fazioli 2010 <BR /> Cotes de Provence Rouge

  Fazioli 2010
 Cotes de Provence Rouge

  • REGION: Le Luc, Provence
  • VINTAGE: 2010
  • VARIETAL: Cabernet, Syrah, Grenache


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